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Altech Batteries unveils share purchase plan to fuel CERENERGY project

Altech Batteries has unveiled an opportunity for eligible shareholders to engage in an equity raising initiative through a Share Purchase Plan (SPP), aiming to generate up to $5 million.

Altech unveils ‘excellent’ progress in 60 kWh CERENERGY prototypes

Altech Batteries has characterised its advancements as "excellent," as it undergoes the manufacturing of two ABS60 60 kWh CERENERGY battery prototypes in Germany intended for customer performance testing.

Altech Batteries unveils new specifications for Cerenergy battery products

ASX company Altech Batteries Limited has revealed the preliminary battery specifications for its CERENERGY 60 KWh and 1 MWh GridPack battery products. 

Altech Chemicals shares progress to CERENERGY battery project

Battery technology company Altech Chemicals has reached a number of significant milestones in the commercialisation of its CERENERGY 100 MWh Sodium Alumina Solid State Battery for grid energy storage in Saxony, Germany, said Managing Director Iggy Tan

Altech Chemicals showcases new CERENERGY ABS60 battery pack

ASX-listed battery manufacturer Altech Chemicals has unveiled its CERENERGY Sodium Alumina Solid State 60 kWh battery pack, ABS60.  

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