Amcor to showcase new range of packaging solutions that help reduce food waste at Interpack 2014


Amcor, the world’s biggest packaging company, is set to participate in the prestigious packaging trade fair Interpack 2014 as a member of the Save Food non-profit organization, where it will demonstrate how packaging contributes to reducing global food waste.

Image credit" Amcor website
Image credit” Amcor website

The Save Food 2014 Congress at Interpack will see all relevant food and packaging industry businesses, researchers as well as the civil society and politicians gather in one place to discuss the issue of global food waste.

“Amcor is honoured to be part of this important discussion, and to be a partner in the solution to global food waste,” said Gerald Rebitzer, Sustainability Leader for Amcor Flexibles.

“Amcor’s advanced packaging technologies help keep food fresh, healthy and convenient for the people who buy it to feed themselves and their families. From the moment food is harvested, Amcor partners with food producers, brand owners and retailers to preserve everything invested in that product.”

According to the media release by Amcor, a study conducted by Save Food and the Food Agriculture Organization (FAO) found that approximately one third of all food produced worldwide ends up in the garbage bins, which amounts to 1.3 billion tonnes each year.

The study also showed that in industrialized countries the majority of waste occurs early in the food supply chains and in the consumption stage, whereas in developing countries, the food is mostly lost during the early and middle stages of the food supply stage, and just a fraction at the consumer level. Products that reach their “best by date” account for up to 40% of the food waste at the retail and consumer level in industrialized countries.

At Interpack, Amcor will showcase several packaging solutions that extend shelf life, such as Amcor N-Gage, a proprietary range of high barrier, peelable lidding films for cured meats and fresh ready meals which seal directly onto APET trays, providing excellent and lighter product protection than current films.

Amcor will also display the Amcor Matrix, a new range of premium, paper-based, paraffin-free packaging for pasteurized soft cheese, which enables the cheese to ripen in the pack naturally and in a controlled way thanks to its breathable polymer.

In addition, Amcor’s Interpack stand will feature the Amcor Perfect Portion single serving packs for sauces and soft cheese, and Amcor Stickpacks for liquid and powdered products, such as instant coffee, as well as the company’s E-Close recloseable solution which helps food stay fresh longer after opening, improving the chance that nothing is wasted.

These and many other Amcor packaging solutions will be displayed at the company’s Interpack booth from May 7th until May 14th at Messe Düsseldorf, Germany.