AMGC welcomes Seasol as 2000th member to its network

Image from Seasol Facebook page

The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) has welcomed its 2000th member with Seasol signing on to be part of the expansive network.

Seasol manufactures and markets organic liquid seaweed and environmentally friendly fertilisers in the retail, commercial and export sector. It was founded in Tasmania in the 1970’s and has since grown to serve the domestic and international markets including United States, Malaysia, India, South Africa, Vietnam, Singapore, Mauritius and New Zealand.

Seasol’s Chief Executive Officer Alick Osborne said: “We all hear about advancing manufacturing, but we really wanted to learn more about how. By joining AMGC we hope to tap into their extensive industry knowledge and contacts to advance our operations.”

“We aim to enhance Seasol’s efficiency and productivity and respond more quickly to market demands while leveraging the trust we’ve built with our customers locally and abroad. AMGC’s ability for us to collaborate with area experts is something we also wish to explore more.”

The AMGC was established in 2015 as a key plank of the Australian Government’s Industry Growth Centre Initiative. Its goal is to drive innovation, productivity and competitiveness across Australia’s manufacturing industry.

Commenting on Seasol’s membership Dr Jens Goennemann, Managing Director of AMGC, said: “We welcome Seasol to AMGC’s network and we look forward to working with them to advance their business – unlocking productivity, quality and workforce skills gains along the way. Personally, I have been a Seasol customer for years, and let me tell you – the grass is greener on my side!”

Membership to the AMGC is free and members are provided with numerous benefits including opportunities for co-funded projects, access to groundbreaking research, invitations to events and opportunities to network.

Image from Seasol Facebook page