AML3D establishes new manufacturing hub in Ohio

AML3D's ARCEMY metal 3D printing system. Image credit: AML3D

AML3D Limited has signed a 64-month lease to establish its US headquarters and manufacturing facility in Stow, Ohio.

This move marks a significant step in AML3D’s US ‘Scale Up’ strategy, following a successful $6.9 million capital raising, the ASX-listed company said in a media release.

The new US Hub aims to support the company’s growing US customer base and capitalise on the increasing demand for its advanced manufacturing technology.

Located in a manufacturing and industrial district with excellent transport links, the US Hub will enable AML3D to efficiently support its customers across the country.

The facility includes ready-to-use fabrication space, loading docks, and office space, requiring minimal investment to become operational. The strategic location also provides easy access to necessary supporting industries and materials.

Since launching the US ‘Scale Up’ strategy in 2023, AML3D has secured approximately $12.2 million in US defence sub-contracts, supported by its Adelaide-based facilities.

The new US Hub is expected to increase defence contract wins and facilitate expansion into the US marine, oil & gas, and aerospace sectors.

Additionally, the facility will position AML3D to bid for ITAR and other US-controlled defence contracts, which are restricted to US-based manufacturers.

Pete Goumas, president and CEO of AML3D USA, Inc, expressed excitement about the new venture.

“Establishing our US manufacturing hub here, in Northeast Ohio, is very exciting. We can be more responsive to our existing US customers, better positioned to win new customers and contracts and be directly plugged into the transformation of US sovereign manufacturing capability to additive manufacturing,” he noted.

Goumas has begun assembling a direct sales and technical support team to enhance AML3D’s capabilities and support expected growth in defense contracts and opportunities in other sectors.

Sean Ebert, AML3D’s CEO, highlighted the strategic importance of the US Hub saying, “Since the launch of our US ‘Scale-up” strategy in 2023 we have been working towards establishing a US Manufacturing hub.”

He continued, “It is a key part of our growth strategy that creates the additional capacity to meet the surging demand for AML3D’s proprietary ARCEMY technology across the US Defence and also corporate sectors.”

Ebert noted that the Adelaide facilities have been crucial in supporting AML3D’s US market expansion.

According to him, as the US Hub becomes operational in early FY25, it will help free up capacity at the Adelaide facility, allowing AML3D to continue pursuing opportunities in the Australian, Asia-Pacific, and European defence markets.