AML3D granted European patent for wire additive manufacturing process

Image credit: AML3D

Metal additive manufacturing company AML3D has been granted a European patent for the company’s Wire Additive Manufacturing (WAM) process, fostering its competitive position in the EU.

The ASX-listed company revealed the Australian patent issued in June 2021 and the European Patent Office’s patent covers the same 3D metal component production process and tooling, respectively.

The European process patent gives AML3D’s intellectual property more protection and further demonstrates the company’s dominance in the industry for advanced metal 3D printing solutions.

Furthermore, AML3D said it plans to use its European technology leadership and US scale-up playbook to target sales to OEMs supporting the European Defence, Marine, and Aerospace industries over the medium term. 

The company’s immediate focus is on scaling up sales of its ARCEMY systems to industrial manufacturers within the US defence, marine, and aerospace industries. 

Due to AML3D’s technological superiority, clients may de-risk their supply chains by using customised components that are made in a much shorter amount of time and at a much lower cost, the company stated. 

“The granting of this patent is further validation of our proprietary technology and also secures our position as a global provider of a major industrial metal 3D Printing process,” said AML3D Interim CEO Sean Ebert.

He underscored that the demand for advanced wire feedstock additive manufacturing, which may reduce supply chain risk, save money and time, and produce better ESG results, is on the rise. 

“This additional international process patent protection will further strengthen our position in a significant and growing addressable market,” Ebert noted. 

The patent comes in the wake of news last week that AML3D sold its second large-scale ARCEMY system to a US defence customer.