AML3D secures new contract with BlueForge Alliance to advance US Navy’s submarine program

Image credit: AML3D

Metal additive manufacturing company AML3D has inked a strategic contract with BlueForge Alliance, a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting the US Navy’s Submarine Industrial Base. 

The ASX-listed company said the partnership will involve the development and testing of 3D-printed Copper-Nickel (CuNi) components, marking a significant step in AML3D’s commitment to enhancing the US Navy’s submarine program through cutting-edge technology.

The approximately $0.35 million CuNi alloy testing contract will run concurrently with the extended Nickel-Aluminum-Bronze (NAB) alloy characterisation, corrosion, and strength testing program for the US Department of Defence. 

According to AML3D, the contract kicks off immediately and is slated to run for a period of 14 to 16 weeks. 

The alloy characterisation and testing will take place at AML3D’s cutting-edge facility in Adelaide, South Australia, showcasing the company’s commitment to advancing its technological capabilities.

AML3D’s track record in 2023 has already yielded substantial results, with new sales of approximately $4.0 million facilitated by BlueForge Alliance. 

This includes $1 million in ARCEMY system sales and $3.0 million in Contract Manufacturing and Testing sales. 

Additional sales through AML3D’s Value-Added Reseller, Phillips Corp, have brought the total US Defense sales for 2023 to approximately A$5.1 million (US$3.7 million).

The company’s success in expanding its presence in the US Defense sector is anticipated to continue, with the potential for more contracts to be executed throughout the remainder of 2023. 

The CuNi alloy testing program, in particular, holds the promise of diversifying the range of materials and applications for AML3D’s ARCEMY metal 3D printing systems within the US defence sector.

Sean Ebert, interim CEO of AML3D, expressed his enthusiasm for the company’s latest achievement, stating, “It is exciting to see this acceleration of further alloy testing and validation of AML3D’s ARCEMY metal 3D Printing technology within the US Defense sector.” 

“The Cu-Ni contract has the potential to cast a far wider net over parts that can be made for the US Navy using our technology. The positive implications for expanding our scope to Cu-Ni alloy parts are significant – a point highlighted with our recent $2.0 million order for Nickel-Aluminum-Bronze parts coming not long after a successful testing program,” he explained. 

Ebert further emphasised the strategic partnership AML3D is developing within the US Navy’s submarine program, indicating that this success is expected to create more opportunities in the US market and serve as a template for accessing Defence markets in AUKUS Alliance partner countries such as Australia and the UK over the medium to longer term.

AML3D said its commitment to pushing the boundaries of metal 3D printing technology underscores its role as an industry leader in advancing the capabilities of defense applications, solidifying its position on the global stage.