AML3D tapped to deliver ARCEMY X-Edition 6700 3D printer to US Navy

Image credit: AML3D

Metal additive manufacturing company AML3D has secured a US Navy purchase order for its industrial-scale ARCEMY X-Edition 6700 Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing metal 3D printing system. 

The order, made by AML3D’s value-added reseller Phillips Corporation, is valued at approximately $1.1 million and will be delivered to the US Navy’s Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence (AM CoE) in Danville, Virginia. The installation is slated for completion in early 2024. 

The delivery of AML3D’s largest ARCEMY metal 3D printing unit is intended to help in the establishment of a US Navy supply chain and industrial base that is resilient, competitive, and sustainable. 

The US Navy’s AM COE seeks to rapidly adopt advanced manufacturing technologies that will drive innovation and competitiveness within a sovereign defence and submarine industrial base. 

“We are extremely pleased the US Navy has purchased this ARCEMY ‘X-Edition 6700’ system, demonstrating their confidence in our technology and is a validation of our strategic focus on delivering ARCEMY systems to the US maritime and defence industries,” said Sean Eber, interim CEO of AML3D

The printer’s sale to Phillips Corporation marks the second order for the US Navy and follows the supply of an ARCEMY X in February to accelerate the use of advanced additive manufacturing technologies across the US defence industrial base. 

“Our collaboration with Phillips Corp has been invaluable in expanding our presence in the US market and securing this order. We continue to actively engage with our partners to further deepen our presence in the US defence and federal sectors, which will drive further growth in sales into that sector,” Eber said.