Ansell buys UK’s leading cleanroom and healthcare consumables manufacturer Nitritex

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Ansell Limited has agreed to acquire Nitritex Limited, a UK-based manufacturer of premium cleanroom and healthcare Life Sciences consumables, in a deal valued at £57 million (approximately A$94 million).

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Nitritex, through its flagship brand, BioClean™, manufactures a wide range of sterile and non-sterile consumables including disposable gloves, garments, goggles, face masks and accessories.

In addition, the company has strong capabilities in supporting the demanding standards of cleanroom and healthcare Life Sciences customers in more than 80 countries, with the majority of its sales in Europe.

Nitritex, which was founded in 1996, has a manufacturing facility in Malaysia focused on cleanroom processing and packing, as well as specialised glove manufacturing.

Ansell’s CEO and Managing Director Magnus Nicolin said Nitritex, which has demonstrated consistent, double-digit revenue and earnings growth in past years, would prove to be a valuable asset for the company in the coming years.

“As a high-growth, high-margin vertical, Life Sciences is a strategically important business to Ansell,” Mr Nicolin remarked.

“The acquisition of Nitritex offers Ansell a unique opportunity to accelerate growth in this segment by expanding our expertise and product range to better meet the needs of our Life Sciences customers.”