Australian pharma firm Telix opens $21m radiopharmaceutical production facility in Belgium

Image credit: Telix Pharmaceuticals Limited's LinkedIn

ASX-listed Telix Pharmaceuticals has recently opened Telix Manufacturing Solutions, the company’s radiopharmaceutical production facility in Belgium, serving as the primary manufacturing site for radioisotopes and commercial and clinical products for patients in the Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. 

Telix Manufacturing Solutions’ 2,800-square-metre factory is one of Europe’s largest radiopharmaceutical production facilities, Telix claimed.

In a news release, Telix reported that radiopharmaceuticals are expected to generate $6 billion in worldwide sales in 2021 and $33 billion in yearly sales by 2031, respectively, according to forecasts from industry analysts.

Raphael Ortiz, Telix’s CEO for the EMEA region, emphasised that recent incidents, such as COVID, have shown the company that in addition to investing in the development of radiopharmaceutical goods, they also need to ensure that patients can receive this new breed of cancer therapies.

“Given the just-in-time manufacturing and complex logistics required for radiopharmaceuticals this is vital to building a foundation for long-term, commercial success in our field and delivering to the needs of patients,” Ortiz noted. 

Telix said it had acquired the 35,000-square-metre site in April 2020.

The facility was given a fresh licence for the manufacture of a lengthy list of radioisotopes necessary for the company’s research, development, commercial, and clinical operations after considerable reconstruction, which included the deactivation and safe removal of two cyclotrons.

Dr Christian Behrenbruch, group managing director and CEO of Telix, stated that it is uncommon to find places like Telix Manufacturing Solutions in Brussels South. 

According to him, very few locations in the world would allow for the construction of a plant of this size and the acquisition of a licence to generate the variety of isotopes that its  licence permits.

In particular, the initial part of the buildout, which is now complete, includes the installation of nine GMP[4] manufacturing lines, two R&D laboratories, quality control labs, and storage space capable of supporting Telix’s activities.

Telix said one of the first GMP lines will be reserved for industry and research partners and collaborators. 

Additionally, the Company is getting ready to build the first of the site’s two cyclotrons. 

In addition to the Company’s own finance, the Wallonia regional government provided grant funds and the Wallonia Export & Investment Agency (AWEX) gave access to financing options to assist first-stage buildout activities.

“It is our vision that this facility, will not only exist for Telix but operate as a hub for research, development and manufacturing for our partners and collaborators across industry, academia and clinical practice,” Ortiz said.

He added, “We are very grateful for the support of the Walloon regional government and AWEX and hope that this facility will contribute to the ongoing growth of our industry and drive further investment in the region.”