Australia’s number one RV manufacturer unveils its 2021 range

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Jayco’s new range features smart technology and safety additions, offering travellers peace of mind on the road 

Australia’s number one caravan manufacturer, Jayco Australia, has unveiled its 2021 range, which features new smart technology and increased safety additions, to make road trips safer and even more fun as domestic travel continues to skyrocket.  

The new range of caravans include the Lippert Sway Command, a feature that enhances road safety, especially when it comes to emergency manoeuvres at high speeds and comes standard in the popular Jayco Journey, Expanda Pop Tops, Silverline, Work’N’Play, Basestation, CrossTrak and All Terrain. 

Jayco has also introduced the new Lippert Tire Linc Tyre Pressure Monitoring System in a  large portion of its 2021 range. The system alerts customers when there is a pressure problem or a leak in the tyre, which minimises issues or tyre blowouts while on the road.  

“As caravanning and camping continues to grow in popularity, we remain fully committed to customer safety and product quality. As the country’s number one caravan manufacturer,  our vision is to lead the way in RV innovation and the integration of seamless technology and intelligent solutions in caravans,” said Jayco National Sales Manager, Scott Jones. 

“We’re always looking for new ways to make the caravanning experience safer and more effortless for our customers. The new smart technology and safety features that we have introduced into our 2021 range gives our customers reassurance, confidence and peace of mind while they travel,” Mr Jones said.  

Most of the new range RVs, which includes the all-new CrossHaul Toy Hauler, features Projecta’s Intelli-Jay power management system, designed and built exclusively to meet the lighting and electrical requirements of Jayco RVs. 

The system offers a complete power management solution, allowing travellers the freedom to control and monitor lighting, electrical and water systems, from a smart phone or tablet through Bluetooth.  

“Projecta, one of the biggest brands in automotive and 4WD, custom-designed this system exclusively for Jayco caravans, camper trailers and motorhomes. The new battery management system means customers will be able to check battery levels, view water tank levels and much more – all at the touch of a button,” said Jayco Global Sourcing Component  Innovation and Technologies Manager, Ken Miller.  

Lithium battery now comes standard in Jayco Silverline and All Terrain models. “With more and more people going off grid, lithium battery is better for power efficiency. It has a higher energy density, voltage capacity and lower self-discharge rate compared to other rechargeable batteries,” said Mr Miller.  

At the heart of the Intelli-Jay system is a transformer that unifies all wiring in a Jayco caravan at a central point, managing the charging of the battery, solar and the distribution of DC power to appliances, pumps and lighting throughout.  

“Intelli-Jay incorporates a host of safeguards, including short circuit, reverse polarity,  overload, over-temperature and over-voltage protections for complete peace of mind for your next great escape,” said Mr Miller.  

“There has been a significant increase of people purchasing Jayco caravans and we have seen continuous growth, with a 35 per cent increase in sales across new and used RVs compared to the previous year,” said Mr Jones. 

“For the 2020 calendar year, we finished with 10,600 units produced, and that was with eight weeks out of production due to lockdown in Melbourne. This year, we’re forecasting  13,800 units,” he said.  

Proudly Australian made, all Jayco RVs are designed and manufactured at its state-of-the art manufacturing facility in Dandenong South, Victoria which is supported by a network of over 150 service agents and dealers across the nation. Jayco is endorsed with the official  Australian made logo, employs more than 1200 employees and supports a further 900 local jobs. 

Design changes include new front moulds for Jayco’s popular Journey caravan and  CrossTrak. New sandwich panel roofing is also included across the new caravan range. For more information on Jayco’s 2021 range, visit or visit your local dealership.