Australia’s RV manufacturing sector continues to bloom


RVM Australia, the peak body for Australia’s RV manufacturing industry, announced that Australian RV manufacturing and sales have met and exceeded all forecasts.

Image credit: RVM Australia
Image credit: RVM Australia

According to RVM Australia, big vans are becoming more popular and a shift from smaller vans, pop-tops and camper trailers to vans of five metres and more is becoming quite obvious.

David Duncan, CEO of RVM Australia, said the projected total of 20.025 RV of all types for 2013 was within 3.3% of last year’s total.

“Healthy production in the second half of the year has made up for a quieter first half, putting us very close to last year’s total,” said Mr Duncan.

“In view of the dire situation in some other manufacturing sectors, especially automotive, the continuing strength of the RV manufacturing sector is good news. RVM Australia has been monitoring production for almost 40 years since the Association was originally formed in 1976, and there is no doubt that this is one of the good times. The last time we saw more than 20,000 units was in 1980, and many of the vans built in those days were onsite mining accommodation, whereas now they are virtually all for recreation.”

Mr Duncan further added that the preference for bigger vans was in accordance with the sales of bigger tow vehicles.

“Conventional vans accounted for 57% of production this year, up from 40% just six years ago, and 70% of them are more than five metres in length.”

“RV-ers increasingly like their luxuries, just as in today’s houses, so it’s not uncommon that they start with a camper but soon trade up to a conventional van. Overall, people continue to be drawn to the quality, luxury and value of RVs which are designed and built in Australia to give Australians everything they want at a price they can afford,” concluded Mr Duncan.