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Since the opening ribbon was cut back in December, the Auto Innovation Centre (AIC) has been turning heads thanks to its specialised industry focus and customised service offerings.

Already many companies in the Australian automotive aftermarket industry have been impressed by the Centre’s state-of-the-art facilities and the unrivalled role it can play in their product development activities.

“We are a very focused team and the Centre has been designed from the ground up to help the Australian Automotive Aftermarket industry,” AIC Managing Director, Luke Truskinger, explained.

“Our team has a broad range of experience in both the aftermarket and OEM automotive sectors, and this allows us to offer tailored and unique advice to those utilising our services.

“While the AIC is wholly-owned by and co-located with the AAAA, being a separate, independently-functioning business entity provides benefits to the entire Aftermarket industry.

“Our mission and ability to represent the industry as a whole allows us the unique opportunity to collaborate and gain traction (and all-important vehicle access) with OEMs.”

Hand in hand with a dedication to best practice and accessibility is a core commitment to confidentiality. This means customers can feel confident in using the AIC for their most secret product development activities.

“Absolutely every interaction between customers and the AIC, right from the very first phone call, is completely confidential,” Truskinger said.

From the aforementioned access to vehicles to the use of the workshop for test fitting; 3D scanning and post processing; 3D printing; dynamic vehicle testing and ADAS calibration; the AIC boasts a comprehensive service offering to its clientele.


The AIC boasts a comprehensive service offering to its clientele, including:

  • Vehicle access
  • A fully-equipped workshop
  • 3D scanning, post-processing and printing technology
  • Dynamic Vehicle Testing and ADAS Calibration
  • Training facilities

And that is not all, with a number of other exciting services also coming to the AIC during the third quarter of 2020.

“We will be switching on our hydraulic test facility which can perform asynchronous fatigue testing and static testing up to 10kN,” Truskinger explained.

“We will also be offering vibration testing with load capacity up to 150kg which can provide high frequency vibration testing to validate the durability life of components mounted to a vehicle chassis or engine.

“At the same time, we will be bringing to the AIC laboratory-spec tensile/compression testing with capacity up to 10kN and a range of options for grips and mounts.

“Finally, we will also be introducing a Damper Dynamometer which will boast the capability to provide highly accurate damper plots for a wide range of vehicle dampers, right up to armoured.

“It really is an exciting time for all of us here at the AIC and we look forward to offering these new services and continuing to evolve and exceed the expectations of the industry.”

The Auto Innovation Centre thanks its sponsors, partners and champion companies for their support. For more information, please visit

Image from Auto Innovation Centre