BlueScope Distribution launches new aluminium routing machine

New custom-made CNC flatbed router at BlueScope Distribution Melbourne. Image credit: BlueScope Distribution

BlueScope Distribution Melbourne has completed the installation of its new CNC flatbed aluminium routing machine, which will enable the processing of products for customers across a wide range of manufacturing industries. 

In a media release, BlueScope Distribution said the new solution is designed to complement the company’s existing Aluminium routing capability, which already exists at its Perth and Brisbane facilities. 

The increased capacity is expected to pave the way for better service to customers across a wide range of manufacturing industry segments, such as transport, marine, architectural facade, and leisure, BlueScope said. 

Commissioned in February 2023, the new aluminium routing machine is capable of profiling complex custom shapes with precision, ease, and accuracy, from large format aluminium plates, and sheets up to 12.5 metres long, 3.2 metres wide and 150 millimetres thick. 

The extra-large bed enables BlueScope Distribution to supply a single processed 12-metre sheet, reducing the need for welding multiple sheets in their own production lines and enabling efficiencies for customers. 

“Our new router will no doubt play a sizable role in assisting our customers deliver on their own manufacturing deadlines in a more efficient way. The installation of this new processing capability enables us to better support our customers over the next decade and beyond,” said Sam Gerovasillis, general manager of BlueScope Distribution. 

The aluminium router’s capabilities also include profiling simple or complex shapes, milling, hole cuts, and material coding for identification 

“Our customers told us that labour shortages and a gap in aluminium processing of this kind has created inefficiencies in their own operation. It made a lot of sense for us to invest in state-of-the-art aluminium processing capability to enable us to better support our customers,” said Troy Gent, state manager for BlueScope Distribution VIC/TAS. 

“The extra-large bed enables us to process significantly larger aluminium plate which is commonly used by transport and marine manufacturers. We look forward to working closely with them to help them realise new efficiencies this capability will provide,” Gent said.