BluGlass receives first order for GaN DFB lasers for quantum and defence applications

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Global semiconductor developer BluGlass announced has secured its inaugural purchase order for alpha gallium nitride (GaN) Distributed Feedback (DFB) lasers.

The customer, a pioneer in the fields of defence, aviation, and scientific applications, plans to integrate BluGlass’ blue prototype DFB lasers into their cutting-edge projects, BluGlass said in a media release.

According to the ASX-listed company, the demand for compact single-frequency laser light sources, such as GaN DFB lasers, has surged due to the increasing applications of quantum sensing, navigation, and computing.

These lasers play a crucial role in stimulating quantum transitions, making them vital for advanced robotics, bio-medical applications, and the development of atomic clocks for quantum navigation.

Jim Haden, CEO of BluGlass, highlighted the unique characteristics of single-frequency visible lasers that are essential for quantum applications.

He explained that the GaN DFB lasers provide the strict frequency, beam fidelity, narrow linewidth, and high power and efficiency required for next-generation technologies.

BluGlass, through its collaboration with the University of California Santa Barbara’s SLEEC Consortium, has emerged as one of the pioneering companies globally in developing viable DFB lasers in gallium nitride.

Haden commented on the strategic importance of the order, stating, “Our first customer order of BluGlass prototype GaN DFBs reflects the significant interest in these ultra-precision lasers for quantum, defence, and commercial applications.”

“Novel capabilities such as DFB lasers form a key pillar of our growth strategy, and we will continue to leverage our RPCVD technology to enhance BluGlass’ DFB lasers, achieving advanced single frequency performance at blue wavelengths and beyond,” he added.

While the revenue generated from this order is deemed immaterial, the strategic significance of BluGlass’ foray into the development of laser diodes is undeniable, the company noted.