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Gov’t invests $18.4M in new quantum growth hub at University of Sydney

The Australian Government has allocated $18.4 million to the University of Sydney for the establishment of a groundbreaking national centre aimed at fostering growth within the country's quantum industry.

Diraq revolutionises quantum computing with breakthrough discovery in operating processors

Engineers at Diraq, an Australian startup specialising in quantum processor development, have achieved a significant milestone in quantum computing by enabling quantum processors to function at temperatures much warmer than previously thought feasible.

UNSW engineers achieve quantum milestone with four control methods in single atom

Quantum computing engineers at UNSW Sydney have demonstrated the ability to encode quantum information in four distinct ways within a single atom, all housed within a silicon chip.

BluGlass receives first order for GaN DFB lasers for quantum and defence applications

Global semiconductor developer BluGlass announced has secured its inaugural purchase order for alpha gallium nitride (GaN) Distributed Feedback (DFB) lasers.

CSIRO channels $3.6M into quantum PhDs for skills development

Australia’s national science agency CSIRO has launched the Next Generation Quantum Graduates Program, a $3.6 million initiative to empower Australian quantum students.

Grant applications for Australian Centre for Quantum Growth now open

The Australian government has announced an $18.5 million investment to establish the Australian Centre for Quantum Growth, which will help scale the country’s quantum workforce and foster relationships with key international counterparts. 

Queensland’s quantum economy poised for growth with new strategy

The Queensland Government has unveiled the Queensland Quantum and Advanced Technologies Strategy, developed in collaboration with universities and industry partners.

Jellybean quantum dots serve as solution for overcrowded circuitry – UNSW scientists say

Engineers at UNSW Sydney have taken a major step towards solving a long-standing problem about giving qubits – the basic units of quantum information – more breathing space by developing a jellybean-shaped quantum dot.

Budget covers $392m for industry growth, $101m for quantum and AI

The Albanese Government has earmarked $392 million for the Industry Growth Program in the form of grants to start-ups and small-to-medium businesses as well as $101 million for the development of quantum and artificial intelligence industries.

Sydney Quantum Academy welcomes Australia’s first National Quantum Strategy

The Sydney Quantum Academy, a partnership between four Sydney universities, has welcomed Australia’s first National Quantum Strategy launched on May 3 by Minister for Industry and Science Ed Husic and Australia’s Chief Scientist Dr Cathy Foley.

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