BluGlass secures $250k matched-funding innovation grant from AMGC


Australian semiconductor technology developer, BluGlass Limited has secured a $250,000 matched-funding innovation grant from the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) to manufacture smarter, more efficient plasma deposition sources for the company’s 300 series RPCVD manufacturing platforms.

BluGlass Chief Technology Officer, Dr Ian Mann said the project aims to design and produce a high-density, large-scale plasma source to produce ultra-precision uniformity for the deposition of high-value semiconductor devices such as laser diodes and next-generation LEDs.

He said the unique distributed plasma source design will provide a scalable, uniform platform suitable for retrofit of even the largest industrial machines, accommodating up to multiple 8-inch wafers.

“This exciting project aims to give RPCVD a number of new competitive edges for commercialisation,” Mr Mann continued.

“The new design will also support scalability on virtually any MOCVD platform in the industry and be capable of hybrid (both MOCVD and RPCVD growth) in a single deposition chamber, enabling for the first time, the advantages of each growth technique in a single platform.”

Dr Jens Goennemann, Managing Director of AMGC said the project is expected to improve advanced manufacturing capabilities in Australia and help facilitate the revenue growth of BluGlass’ direct-to-market laser diode business.

“BluGlass is a great example of an Australian manufacturer embracing the competitive advantages borne from a commitment to deep research and development,” Mr Goennemann said.

“Its technology promises laser diodes that are higher performing and more efficient.”

“It’s a game-changing development that delivers better value products to the market.”

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