Bosch starts manufacturing 800-volt motors for electric vehicles

Image credit: Bosch

Global technology giant Bosch has begun the mass production of electric motors and inverters equipped with 800-volt technology, making recharging faster and providing a further boost for electromobility. 

The 800-volt inverter is based on silicon carbide semiconductors, which increases efficiency and range. The technology has an increased power density, which reduces weight and allows for a more compact design. 

“Bosch is upping the voltage in electromobility. Our 800-volt technology is the next step toward more powerful electrical powertrains and shorter recharging times,” said Ralf Schmid, the executive vice president for electrification in Bosch’s Powertrain Solutions division. 

The industry trend of using 400-volt solutions has gone upward in recent years, according to Bosch. The new 800-volt technology offers double the voltage at the same current, allowing for the use of thinner cables. 

As a result, the inverter is now more compact and powerful. 

The inverters feature SiC chips, in which carbon atoms were integrated with the crystalline structure of the ultrapure silicon, which according to Bosch, improves the semiconductors’ electrical conductivity. 

Bosch boasts an extensive product portfolio, with offerings ranging from semiconductors to its complete powertrain units known as e-axles. The company has now manufactured more than 3.5 million electric motors and the same number of inverters. 

Bosch said a premium German automaker is now using the active parts of its new powertrain for the first time.