Broncos celebrate Women in Manufacturing program achievements in Queensland

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The inaugural Women in Manufacturing Mentoring Program has reached its final stages, marking a milestone for women in Queensland’s manufacturing sector.

Hosted at the Brisbane Broncos’ Red Hill training grounds, participants gathered for a celebratory BBQ alongside Manufacturing Minister Glenn Butcher and Broncos players, recognising the program’s achievements since its commencement in January 2024.

Minister Glenn Butcher commended the participants, stating, “Strengthening the representation of women in manufacturing is a top priority for this Government.”

The program, which pairs mentors with mentees, has seen monthly meetings between 11 pairs, fostering the exchange of knowledge and experience.

Mentors hail from various industries such as Elexon Electronics and Drake Trailers, while mentees are drawn from schools like Glenala State High School and St James.

The celebration also included a tour of Graham Lusty Trailers (GLT) in Carole Park, led by CEO Shay Chalmers.

Chalmers shared insights from her 20-year journey in manufacturing, inspiring mentees about the rewarding careers available in the sector.

Minister Butcher expressed delight at the program’s success, highlighting its role in providing firsthand industry experiences to mentees.

He lauded the partnership with the Brisbane Broncos, which aims to attract more women to advanced manufacturing careers.

“This mentoring program has exceeded our expectations. The mentees have heard directly from industry about what it’s like in today’s manufacturing industry and received great encouragement on their own career goals,” the minister remarked.

Beyond the Broncos Ambassador, Ali Brigginshaw, underscored the importance of offering opportunities to women in traditionally male-dominated fields.

Broncos CEO Dave Donaghy echoed this sentiment, stating, “We want to show young women in school that there are careers out there that perhaps they haven’t thought of.”

Mentors like Kylie Warren from Elexon Electronics shared their positive experiences, noting personal growth in leadership skills and the joy of witnessing mentees’ development.

Rachael Grant, a mentee, expressed gratitude for the program, highlighting the invaluable insights gained from her mentor.

For those interested, more information about the Women in Manufacturing Strategy is available on the DRDMW website.