Bruck Textiles transfers sister company’s manufacturing operations to Wangaratta


Bruck Textiles will be transferring the operations of its sister company Australian Weaving Mills (AWM) from Tasmania to Wangaratta with the help of a $500,000 assistance from the Victorian Coalition Government.

Image credit: MorgueFile
Image credit: MorgueFile

This would make Wangaratta, a city about 230 km north of Melbourne, the only place for towel manufacturing in Australia, according to the media release.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional and Rural Development Peter Ryan announced the funding on Wednesday, together with Member for Murray Valley Tim McCurdy.

The move to consolidate the two businesses in one site would cost $4.5 million and will create new full time jobs in Wangaratta.

“The project will involve the dismantling and transport of equipment from AWM’s Devonport facility and its installation and re-commissioning at Wangaratta, as well as new capital investment in plant, equipment and building modifications,” Mr. Ryan said.

“This is a unique opportunity for the Coalition Government to assist Bruck Textiles to expand into towel manufacturing, creating 25 new jobs in Wangaratta and securing the future of a further 25 existing employees at Bruck Textiles.”

Bruck Textiles is Australia’s largest manufacturer of fabrics and is a privately owned company that has been producing quality fabrics since 1946. The company employs around 250 people and also has offices in Sydney and Melbourne.

It currently manufactures a wide range of protective and performance fabrics used in various sectors including the military and mining sectors, as well as for the corporate sector, firefighters, and general industrial workers.

“This project will enable the company to better utilise its skilled workforce at Wangaratta, improving the productivity and competitiveness of the Wangaratta facility,” Mr. McCurdy added.

“It will secure the future for Bruck Textiles in Wangaratta, ensure the continuance of towel manufacturing in Australia, safeguarding against offshore manufacturing and towel imports, while adding more than $20 million in sales for Bruck Textiles by 2016.”

According to Mr. Ryan was being supported by the Coalition Government’s Industries for Today and Tomorrow fund, with Bruck Textiles committing to providing the balance of funding for the project.

During his visit the Minister also opened the company’s new $6.1 million process and wastewater treatment project which now helps Bruck use less water in manufacturing with the help of a recycling method that introduced internal pre-treatment of waste water.