Aus Crystals

Aus Crystals
Business Name:
Aus Crystals
Brief Description:
Aus Crystals is a leading Australian-owned wholesale crystal company in Melbourne. We sell cheap crystals, gemstones, healing crystals, spiritual stones & more.
Business Description:

Aus Crystals is an Australian-owned wholesale crystal company. As a wholesale crystal supplier, we dedicate ourselves to bring our customers a spectrum of crystals and wellness products picked from across the globe. We not only have a variety but also our crystals for sale are ethically sourced.

Our showroom proudly exhibits thousands of beautiful and rare crystals jewellery. The buying of cheap crystals, gemstones, healing crystals, spiritual stones, etc., is easy. You can purchase our crystals online as we have an online crystal shop too in Australia. Also, we have offline crystal shops and stores in Melbourne to help you feel and touch our products.

Whether you want crystals and stones for abundance, health& healing or any other thing, we have its stock in our crystal warehouse. Our crystal shop will be open for retail visitors, and purchases in wholesale will not need any prior appointment.

Our Range of Products:

• Crystals
• Smudging Sticks
• White Sage (Sage cleansing service also available)
• Palo Sano
• Sage Sticks
• Singing Bowls
• Orgonite
• Black Obsidian
• Abalone Shell
• Rose Quartz
• Minerals
• Fossils
• Sterling Silver
• And many more

Why Choose Us?

Aus Crystals provides crystals wholesale as well as at retail to every individual in Sydney and Melbourne. So, if you want to buy crystals, gemstones or any other products at wholesale or retail, online or offline, we’re available.

Other reasons include:

• 17 years of experience
• Ethically sourced products
• Affordable rates
• Free shipping for over $200 spend

For further details, you can speak to our friendly team by calling on our registered phone number.

Main Address:
7/94 Eucumbene Drive, Ravenhall, VIC 3023