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Insight Psychotherapy
Business Name: Insight Psychotherapy
Brief Description: Our approach is very personalised and focused on connecting with you, to help make the necessary changes that bring control back into your life again. We’re unique because we don’t use a standard “one-size-fits-all” textbook approach; we use a combination of proven therapies and techniques with real life experience and understanding, to generate powerful results in a very short period of time.
ATI Martial Arts Training
Brief Description: ATI Martial Arts offers comprehensive classes in several martial art forms, including mixed martial arts, karate, taekwondo, and boxing.
Touch of Spirit Tours
Business Name: Touch of Spirit Tours
Brief Description: Touch of Spirit offers authentic and spiritual tours to India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Tibet. We focus on well-being of the body, mind and soul through our nature centric and spiritual tours to India from Australia.
Claire Francoise Beauty Clinic
Brief Description: Since 2003, Claire Francoise Beauty Clinic has been providing exceptional, high-quality services to its clients. Our clinic introduced the art of French flawless skin and beauty to Melbourne’s male and femele clientele, thanks to our unique beauty and skin treatments.

Clients’ satisfaction is our major priority and there is no bigger pleasure for us to see them feeling good, pretty and comfortable in their own skin. So our Clinic works by being 100% committed to meeting our client’s beauty needs and requirements. Our goals has stayed true since we first appeared on the market in 2003.
We offer you beauty services, IPL Services, Waxing Services and skin Services including cosmetic tattoo and also cosmetic products such as: lotions, creams, body washes, hot waxes and scented candles.
Ayur Pty Ltd
Business Name: Ayur Pty Ltd
Brief Description: We are prover of both retail wholesale herbs in Australia. We offer organic, natural health products with quality assurance and in best possible delivery time to you.
St Francis Medical
Business Name: St Francis Medical
Brief Description: Our convenient location in Subiaco, north side of Subiaco train station, with 90 minute free parking – and online doctors bookings – it has never been easier to book in to see a doctor.
Integrated Combat Centre
Brief Description: Do you want your kid to be self dependent? Do you wish your kid to learn the value of physical and mental fitness?
Melbourne Hypnotherapy Centre
Brief Description: On the basis of a number of studies into the relative effectiveness of different approaches, HYPNOSIS Has Been found To be The Most Successful Method. And Melbourne Hypnotherapy Centre Assisting People To STOP Smoking, Drug and alcohol, Weight Loss. Melbourne Hypnotherapy Centre Also Provide Services Like Psychology, Generalist counseling, Hypnotherapy, Quit program, Drug and/or alcohol counseling, Relationship counseling, Mental health information/referral, CBT, Mindfulness, Stress Management, Phobias, Anger Management In Mornington, Victoria (VIC).Neil Gilbert has been conducting Stop Smoking Programs for more than 30 yrs, initially in St. Kilda Rd, Melbourne. He now works exclusively on the Mornington Peninsula. Neil is a registered Psychologist with, degrees with honors in Psychology and Counseling.
Plaza Central Dentists
Business Name: Plaza Central Dentists
Brief Description: The mouth is a warm, moist environment rich in nutrients. It is a perfect place for bacteria (germs) to grow feeding on the food we eat that gets trapped between our teeth and gums, especially sugary foods. Bacteria are the main cause of tooth decay (rotten teeth), gum disease (gingivitis) and the build of up scale/tartar (thick layers of bacteria stuck to teeth).
We truly believe in prevention and our Care Plan has been developed to help make visiting the practice for regular six monthly examinations and cleaning simple, easy and affordable. Learning how to stop teeth rotting and gums becoming infected is the key to keeping teeth healthy for life. Remember, you only have to clean the teeth you want to keep!
Sydney Results Clinic
Business Name: Sydney Results Clinic
Brief Description: Sydney Results Clinic focused therapy practice, providing clinical Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy services in Sydney for anxiety, public speaking, stop smoking, weight loss, eating disorders and addictions/ bad habits, psychological matters, depression, confidence, self esteem, fears & phobias.