Can caravan parks be the answer to EV charging infrastructure?

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Media Release by Caravan Industry Association of Australia

Caravan Industry Association of Australia believes the answer to future regional connectivity is through the caravanning industry, with calls for support on transforming its national caravan park network into a fast charge super network.

Scenes witnessed over the summer holidays in many holiday towns around the country, with lengthy queues and hours-long wait at the local community EV charger, are a sign of things to come.  As we look towards a future with more EVs on the road, our holiday travel and road trips could look very different if we don’t start to act now.

Growing frustrations and the real threat of limited charger opportunities could significantly stifle the caravanning industry, the backbone of domestic tourism, and an industry that contributes over $27 billion per annum to Australia’s economy.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia is calling upon Government and the market to help it utilise its national footprint of over 2600 caravan parks, into a national fast charger, and community generator network.

“As an industry, we see the challenges presented by the transition. We also want to be an active contributor to the solution and with a truly national network of caravan parks in some of Australia’s key regional destinations and overnight transit routes we believe we can be at the forefront of the transition.” said Stuart Lamont, CEO of Caravan Industry Association of Australia.

“We are looking to government to support a market readiness report to articulate and demonstrate the architecture and road map for an open market response to a fast charger network provision. We know technology also exists that parks can utilise to not only be a charger location but be a community energy collector and contributor”.

“Early conversations have been promising in terms of the technology options for a network, and we know possibilities to be a major contributor are endless.  Unfortunately, these options require significant financial contribution and a will to be solution focused,” said Stuart.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia is keen to work with government and industry on making this innovative major step in the future fuels transition and is open to hearing from any strategic partners.