Cardia Bioplastics signs 2-year supply contract with Cleanaway


Australia-based compostable resins, films, bags and custom finished products provider Cardia Bioplastics has announced that it has inked a two-year agreement with Cleanaway “and has received first year order for 7.8 million compostable kitchen tidy bags and 50,000 kitchen tidy bins for the rollout of an organics kerbside collection program in Albury, Wodonga and the major towns of Corowa and Indigo.”

Image credit: Cardia Bioplastics webpage
Image credit: Cardia Bioplastics webpage

“Food and garden waste are the main sources of organic waste. Currently, most people put organic material, such as food scraps and garden waste, into their general waste bin. This adds up to a significant amount of valuable resources going into landfill that could be better used elsewhere, such as compost for local growers to improve soil fertility,” it says in the company’s media release.

Cleanaway is a subsidiary company of Transpacific – Australia’s leading waste management company.

“We are excited to be part of the introduction of kerb side organics collection in the region, and commend this innovative initiative and Albury City Council, City of Wodonga, and Corowa and Indigo Shires foresight. Cardia Bioplastics organic waste mangement products were developed for programs such as this,” said  Cardia Bioplastics Managing Director, Dr Frank Glatz.

“As a business, we recognised that diverting organic waste from landfills using compostable bin liners has become essential as landfills are filling up. We are seeing rapid growth in the uptake of our Cardia Compostable organic waste management systems, amongst Councils within Australia and throughout the world.”