Constellium, STELIA Aerospace and CT INGENIERIE to develop more efficient 3D printing techniques for large aerospace structures


Constellium has announced that it has formed a partnership with STELIA Aerospace and CT INGENIERIE to work on a project called FAST.

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According to the press release, FAST will focus on topological optimisation of aero structures and additive manufacturing processes to optimise design and technologies to make large aerospace structures and parts more efficiently.

“The goal of the FAST project is to change the way innovative technologies are implemented and to expand the usage of 3D printing. 3D printing will allow us to create metal shapes and properties that were previously impossible to produce,” said Bruno Chenal, Director of R&D, Constellium Research and Technology.

“We are excited to work with one of our customers, STELIA Aerospace, to find innovative alternatives for printing aluminium and developing aerospace technologies industry wide. This innovative process further supports Constellium’s commitment to work closely with all of our customers to develop customised solutions to meet their unique needs,” said Chenal.

FAST was initiated last year and is still in its early stages of development.

Amsterdam-based Constellium is a global leader in aluminium transformation. The company designs and manufactures innovative and high value-added aluminium products and components.

STELIA Aerospace is a design and production company of aircraft fuselages, while CT INGENIERIE is an engineering company known for technological innovation.