Downer confirms sale of its blasting services business to Enaex

Image Credit: Enaex

Enaex, a subsidiary of the Sigdo Koppers Group, has completed the acquisition of Downer Blasting Services, the rock fragmentation services subsidiary of the Australian Downer Group.

Downer Blasting Services, which has more than 20 years’ experience in rock fragmentation services in both open-cut and underground mining, has 5 emulsion-manufacturing facilities and 40 mobile units distributed throughout Australia.

Enaex is the world’s third largest producer of industrial grade ammonium nitrate as well as the leading supplier of comprehensive rock fragmentation services in Chile and Latin America.

The company has 3 ammonium nitrate production plants, 60 service plants at mines and 300 mobile manufacturing units and provides services to the main open-cut and underground mining companies in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

The transaction, which was confirmed by Downer on Monday, follows a negotiation process that began in mid-2020.

Enaex’s Chairman Juan Eduardo Errázuri said the deal was part of the company’s strategic plan to strengthen its international presence in the world’s most important mining regions.

“Having successfully concluded the process to acquire Downer Blasting Services is a very important milestone for the company,” he added.

“Because of Australia’s size (Australia and the United States are the largest mining markets in the world), it boasts significant growth potential.

“We can contribute extensive knowledge, technology and innovation that we have been developing in the rock fragmentation industry for the mining sector.”