EM Solutions unveils first stage completion of its factory expansion

EM Solutions' 2M King Cobra terminals ready for system testing. Image credit: EM Solutions

EM Solutions, a manufacturer of satellite and microwave communications technologies, has completed the first phase of its Brisbane plant expansion, which will enable the company to support the design, production, and testing of its flagship Naval SATCOM systems.

The Electro Optic Systems subsidiary said the announcement marks a significant achievement in the company as it prepares to celebrate its 25th anniversary. 

In a media release, the company said a new ISO7 (Class 10,000) clean room was added to accommodate the design, manufacture, and testing of its flagship Naval SATCOM equipment. 

This 100-square-metre space contains eight new workstation places as well as three-chip and bond machines. 

In addition, the expansion plan includes a 125 cubic metre environmentally controlled chamber for MIL standard certification of its 2 m King Cobra systems, as well as a 150 square metre research and development (R&D) laboratory for new technologies and ideas.

Plans for a 135 square metre “RF Transparent All-Weather Testing Facility” are now being prepared, which would provide satellite visibility in a secure physical environment. 

The company said this will allow the engineering team to test terminals in simulated “real world” circumstances around the clock.  

The RF transparent facility will be able to test up to five terminals at the same time, including a combination of Cobra and King Cobra terminals, and will also include two six-axis platforms that replicate vehicle and vessel operational movement and vibration.

“This factory expansion program increases not only our capacity to meet customer demands for the Cobra family of SATCOM systems, but also enhances our technical agility to deliver high-quality space products in an increasingly demanding environment,” commented vice president of Operations Georgios Makris.

He added that the expansion demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to investing in Australian sovereign SATCOM capabilities that serve both the ground segment and space.

He further added, “Owing to our recent success in securing contracts in both domestic and international markets, EM Solutions’ workforce has expanded by more than 30%. We now have 95 positions based in Queensland, two interstate and four overseas.”

“Our Brisbane headquarters has added extra personnel specifically for the design and manufacture of the new products and services, with particular emphasis on Program Management and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) to aid our defence-oriented programs,” Makris stated. 

According to him, as EM Solutions’ presence in Europe expands, the company is planning to construct a location in the Netherlands to better support current and new installation activities and provide local presence to European customers.