Epson makes additional investment in space robots manufacturer GITAI

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Epson, a global leader in printing solutions manufacturing, and its subsidiary Epson X Investment Corporation have made an additional investment in space robots developer GITAI.

Established in 2016, the startup aims to provide safe and affordable labour in space and reduce operational costs by up to 100 times by developing versatile space robots that will serve as a workforce for tasks both inside and outside space stations, in orbit, as well as on the Moon and Mars. 

Epson made its initial investment in GITAI in 2021 in recognition of GITAI’s impressive track record and the significant technological advancements it has achieved. 

Since 2021, GITAI has been creating a strong track record by developing lunar work and extravehicular robots and by conducting onboard experiments on demonstration models on the International Space Station (ISS). 

Work in space is expected to rapidly rise with the acceleration of space development and the commercialisation of the ISS. This includes the construction of new space stations, lunar bases, and Mars bases. Despite being potentially dangerous, work in such environments is currently being performed by astronauts, who must be trained and transported at astronomical expense. 

GITAI develops general-purpose robots designed to significantly reduce the risk for astronauts while also dramatically reducing the overall cost of transportation and training required in space labour. 

Epson outlined in the Epson 25 Renewed corporate vision its plans to drive manufacturing innovation by co-creating flexible, high-throughput production systems that reduce environmental impacts. 

In a press release, Epson said GITAI’s space robot technology has potential applications in Epson’s robotics business and has proven to be competitive in the expanding space business market.