EVOS introduces new Australian-made EV charger SB7

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EVOS, a Brisbane-based manufacturer of electric vehicle (EV) chargers, has unveiled its new locally made EV charger SB7. 

The 7kW charger is designed to be easily installed and can add 35km of range every hour of charging time. This capability makes it the ideal solution to ensure an EV is charged to meet daily driving needs, EVOS said in a media release. 

The SB7 is equipped with an energy management system that can intuitively select the ideal idle time to charge the vehicle. 

Fuel industry giant Ampol will serve as the national distributing partner for EVOS and the SB7 EV Charger, in addition to EVOS’ Fleet Home22 Charger, which was released in 2022. Both chargers will be available to the public in late 2023. 

Constructed using UV-stabilised ABS plastic, the SB7 Charger is designed to withstand harsh Australian elements. The product houses the electronic components in an IP65-rated enclosure. 

“The biggest issue for electric vehicle owners, fleet operators and strata companies is not the charging, but the management of energy,” said Chris Crossman, chief technology officer and co-founder of EVOS. “Each of those segments features their own unique challenges, but the challenge that unites them all is the energy piece: namely, is there a way to optimise energy and lower costs amid soaring energy prices?”

“We’ve looked to address this in our technology roadmap, while ensuring that these sub-sectors and their unique challenges are addressed with each product iteration, including the SB7,” Crossman added. 

The new SB7 charger’s announcement comes after EVOS secured $5 million in a subsequent capital raise. The launch of the SB7 charger was highlighted as the next cab off the rank for the company that designs and manufactures its EV charging products in Brisbane. 

The company said it is now looking to take its products to new markets while continuing to focus on the development of its roadmap of advanced EV technologies and further expanding its team of engineers and designers.

“Solving that issue for fleet operators proved to the market that we understand the challenges faced by EV drivers, and that we understand how to address them,” said Chief Experience and Innovation Officer Seshan Weeratunga. 

“The SB7 resolves a number of headaches for EV owners, and the next products on the EVOS horizon will equally address the pain points EV drivers face across the country and, soon, abroad.”