Expol adds new underfloor insulation product to Australian market range

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Expol, a construction materials manufacturing company, has introduced its new underfloor insulation product Expol Black to the Australian market as part of the Expol range manufactured in Victoria by Foamex. 

The product earned its name for its colour as a result of the graphite added to its expanded polystyrene. 

Expol Black has a thermal resistance rating of R1.8, while Expol WHite EPS panels come at R1.4.

“We’ve been selling Expol White EPS panels for many years, and Expol Black provides us with a product that is 30 per cent more efficient making it great for colder climates,” said Justin Kelsey, Expol’s general manager for Victoria and Southern Australia. 

The new underfloor installation is made out of polystyrene panelling infused with graphite and is designed to fit between the joists under a timber floor. The product is designed to be flame-retardant and moisture-resistant. 

Expol Black’s launch comes at a time when energy ratings of new homes are expected to increase from six to seven-star. 

“Insulation helps with energy ratings by reducing the amount of energy needed to heat or cool a home, because it slows the transfer of heat between the inside and outside. As a result, homes with more insulation tend to have higher energy ratings,” Kelsey said. 

A seven-star energy rating and minimum accessibility standards will be required in all new homes built from October 2023. The increase is part of the National Construction Code of Australia and contains energy efficiency provisions that apply to all new buildings. 

“Our Kiwi cousins have been selling Expol Black in their market for many years, so it made sense that we add it to our range and manufacture it ourselves. We’re initially selling it in Victoria where we think it will be particularly sought after in regional areas,” said Kelsey.