Federal Gov’t backs safe AI adoption of Australian businesses

Image credit: peshkova/stock.adobe.com

The Australian government has launched a new program that would help Australian businesses integrate artificial intelligence safely into their work practices. 

Minister for Industry and Science Ed Husic unveiled the Artificial Intelligence Adopt Program, a $17 million initiative to establish up to five AI Adopt centres nationwide. 

“Harnessing the power of AI will enhance productivity helping to crack one of the biggest challenges facing Australia,” said Minister Husic. “This network of centres will give businesses clear and direct advice on how to integrate AI into their work systems.” 

Each centre will target businesses in one of the key priority areas of the National Reconstruction Fund. 

The program aims to create a network of industry-specific centres to highlight the innovative capabilities that AI can bring and provide specialist training to help develop skills to manage AI. 

The Federal Government is seeking applications from Australian businesses, industry partners, and research institutions with the capability to deliver training and upskilling packages to businesses. 

Eligible businesses will have access to free training and guidance on how to implement AI systems responsibly and efficiently. 

The centres will complement the National Artificial Intelligence Centre and participate in the Responsible AI Network. 

The Artificial Intelligence Adopt Program bolsters the government’s efforts to help ensure the safe and responsible use of AI across the Australian economy. 

“AI has enormous potential to support Australian businesses to gain a competitive edge in global markets,” the minister added. “We’ve committed $17 million to the  Artificial Intelligence Adopt Program, to establish new AI Adopt Centres to be a front-door for AI use and advise Australian businesses nationwide.”

Applications for the Artificial Intelligence Adopt Program are open until 29 January 2024. 

For more information, visit business.gov.au.