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AI vision for robotic laundry breakthrough

A Queensland family-run laundry aims to develop a world-first automation system for one of the most labour-intensive tasks in commercial laundries – picking up, flattening, and feeding clean towels into an automated folding machine, before they are returned to the customer.

When AI is the inventor – who gets the patent?

The day is coming – some say has already arrived – when artificial intelligence invents things that humans could not.

Major crypto gift boosts UNSW’s fight against future pandemics

A significant cryptocurrency donation to UNSW Sydney will support an open-source tool providing early warning of emerging pandemics.

New discovery in animal exoskeletons leads to advances in designing construction materials

Media Release by Monash University Researchers from Monash University have discovered a new design motif derived from the rigid external covering of invertebrates that may...

Learned Academies to supercharge Australia’s global science and technology profile with $18.2 million government...

Media Release By ATSE The Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE), in collaboration with the Australian Academy of Science (AAS), will deliver the Australian...
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Ensuring AI success in manufacturing

Article by Stephane Marouani, Country Manager ANZ at MathWorks AI offers a number of new applications for engineers in the manufacturing industry. In order to...

DroneShield wins $800k contract with the Department of Defence

DroneShield has secured a $800,000 contract with the Australian Department of Defence (DoD) to carry out works related to Artificial Intelligence in multi-domain applications. DroneShield’s...

Microsoft, Nokia to deliver new era of digital transformation for Australian industry

Microsoft is setting up its Azure Space team in Lot Fourteen, adding to the growing list of big-name companies such as Google and Amazon...

CSIRO invests in science to drive Australia’s recovery

Media Release Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, will invest over $100 million in five science and technology growth areas over the next four years, to...

To gain speed in the new normal, Australian manufacturers must be forward-thinkers

As online sellers become more sophisticated in their marketing strategies, the market competition in the marketing sector is becoming increasingly unforgiving to slow adapters. As the adage goes: failing to plan is planning to fail. 

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How to transform your operation into a smart factory

Smart factories are characterised by digital technology, real-time data-driven systems, automation and in some cases, artificial intelligence, and manufacturers with an eye on the future are embarking on journeys of digital transformation.