FFI to help develop green hydrogen production in Djibouti


Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) is working with the Government of the Republic of Djibouti to examine the possibility of developing green hydrogen production in the country.

According to FFI’s statement, the Framework Agreement signed between the parties provides FFI “access and rights” to study the possibilities of renewable energy resources in Djibouti which include solar, wind, and geothermal sites, as well as subsurface gas storage areas and industrial areas.

“Depending on the outcome of FFI’s studies, the parties may then negotiate the terms on an Investment Agreement to develop and construct green hydrogen production facilities on that land,” reads the statement.

Djibouti Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Yonis Ali Guedi described the agreement as a major step towards the country’s first-ever production of green hydrogen.

“Djibouti does not want to miss this historic moment when green hydrogen becomes the fuel for energy transition,” he continued.

“This project has the potential for significant socio-economic impact, in terms of job creation.”

Image credit: https://ffi.com.au/news/fortescue-acquires-williams-advanced-engineering-in-race-to-net-zero/