First Solar delivers boost to Geelong and Adelaide economy


First Solar has decided to further the cooperation with IXL Group (IXL) following the successful collaboration between the companies back in 2012.

Image credit: User: University of Salford
Image credit: User: University of Salford

According to an article on The Business Spectator, the large solar module manufacturer has awarded the Geelong-based Group with a contract to deliver the framing system for AGL Energy’s 155 MW (AC) large-scale solar PV projects at Nyngan and Broken Hill in NSW.

IXL has successfully delivered the framing system for First Solar’s 10 MW Greenough River Solar Farm (GRSF) in Western Australia in 2012, which at the time represented the largest solar PV project in the country.

Jack Curtis, First Solar’s Vice President of Business Development for Asia Pacific said the IXL Group was selected because of the company’s proven experience and reliability in delivering the framing system for the River Solar Farm.

Last year Climate Spectator commended First Solar for its support of local Australian suppliers by using their services in the interests of lowering costs.

Mr. Curtis said that the company will continue to support Australian industry and create jobs in the country.

“Our continued selection of local supply chain providers validates the economic viability of producing solar components in Australia and will continue to help support Australian industry and job creation.”

Claude Dagescy, General Manager IXL Solar said they believe the Australian made framing systems could be more than competitive with imports.

Various companies that are part of the IXL Group will contribute to the project which is expected to create 40 new jobs within the Group.

Backwell IXL in Geelong will deliver many of the components that will be used in the framing system and will be tasked with building much of the manufacturing infrastructure.

The benefits of these activities are expected to be felt by many ancillary companies across Geelong and Victoria in general, as tooling and a roll forming line for this project will be sourced from Victorian suppliers.

IXL Solar will perform the assembling work of the framing systems in Adelaide and then ship the completed frames to site using road trains. The close proximity of Adelaide assembly location to the installation site will enable First Solar to substantially reduce its project freight costs.