FleetCard, Chargefox launch all-in-one EV and fuel solution for business fleets

Image credit: Chargefox

FleetCard, an Australian fleet management company, has partnered with Chargefox to introduce FleetCard +Electric, a product that is claimed to offer the largest number of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to business fleets.

This collaboration integrates Chargefox’s extensive national network of charging stations with FleetCard’s established fuel management capabilities, as revealed in a media release.

With FleetCard +Electric, employees driving electric vehicles can easily tap the card to bill recharges to the company account, just as they would with traditional fuel transactions, all consolidated into one invoice.

This integration of fuel and electric charging options on a single card provides businesses with more flexibility in managing their vehicle fleets and supports the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) as part of a comprehensive fleet management service.

Sam Steel, managing director of Corpay Australia and New Zealand, FleetCard’s parent company, emphasised the natural progression toward EVs in fleet management.

“We’re excited to offer our customers the choice to incorporate EV charging as part of their fleet and fuel card. While the term ‘Fuel Card’ has traditionally meant petrol or diesel, electricity is now an important fuel for transport, so it’s natural we added it to the list,” Steel said.

He highlighted the ease of transitioning to EVs with FleetCard +Electric and the extensive network of Chargefox charging stations, which alleviates concerns about on-road charging.

The addition of EV charging capabilities to FleetCard’s existing petrol and diesel services allows Australian businesses to manage all on-road expenses through one consolidated invoice, regardless of their fleet composition.

Chargefox CEO, John Sullivan, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We’re excited to be partnering with FleetCard on the launch of their new EV offering for business fleets. At Chargefox, we offer the largest and fastest-growing network of EV charging stations, making EV adoption stress-free and supporting the switch to electric vehicles.”

In a commitment to sustainability, FleetCard is also introducing new sustainable cards across their product portfolio, including FleetCard +Electric.

These cards are made using SICO-R, a sustainable PVC film produced with 99 per cent recycled PVC from industrial waste.

For more information or to start your company’s EV fleet journey, visit: FleetCard +Electric.