Gear up your business with ex-auto workers

The Victorian State Government is encouraging businesses to consider employing retrenched automotive workers. Image credit:

To be eligible for up to $11,000 in subsidies and reimbursements, consider hiring a retrenched auto worker.

With the closure of major car manufacturing, there are a number of retrenched automotive workers that can benefit your business.

Auto workers have a range of skills developed through working in the automotive supply chain and cover a wide range of occupations, including:

  • machine operators and assembly workers,
  • technicians and trades workers,
  • sales and administrative staff, and
  • professionals, including engineers, accountants and managers.

These workers are highly skilled and  have extensive experience in practices such as lean manufacturing, just-in-time and quality systems.

Victorian based businesses hiring a retrenched automotive worker may be eligible for up to $11,000 in subsidies and reimbursements through the Victorian Government’s Back to Work Scheme which includes up to $7000 for hiring eligible retrenched auto workers in Victoria, and $4000 for providing accredited training.

If you have a role that would suit an ex-auto worker, call Skills and Jobs Centres on 134 389 and find the right person for the job.

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