Great Wrap, Opal ANZ partner for Australian-made compostable pallet wrap

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Great Wrap, a B Corp Certified material science company, has partnered with Opal, one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading cardboard packaging and recycling companies, to exclusively distribute Australian-made compostable machine pallet wrap.

This collaboration aims to help businesses in Australia and New Zealand reduce landfill waste by offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional pallet wrap, Great Wrap said in a media release.

Great Wrap said it plans to produce 5,000 tonnes of certified compostable machine pallet wrap in 2024.

This product, certified by the Australasian Bioplastics Association, is made from compostable biopolymers and plant-based oils, providing a sustainable solution that secures pallet loads while minimizing supply chain waste.

With Australia generating 2.5 million tonnes of plastic waste annually, the adoption of compostable materials is increasingly urgent.

Opal Packaging Plus, a business unit of Opal, has been appointed as the exclusive distributor of Great Wrap’s compostable machine pallet wrap.

This addition to Opal’s extensive product range of over 15,000 items marks its first foray into compostable stretch wrap.

Jordy Kay, co-founder of Great Wrap, highlighted the product’s advantages, stating, “Our machine pallet wrap stands out because it’s fully compostable, capable of a 250% pre-stretch, operates smoothly on high-speed lines, and maintains high tension for ultimate reliability.”

“Our wrap is denser and stronger than traditional wrap, meaning our customers can reduce their wrap thickness to achieve the same results,” Kay added.

Meanwhile, Chris Daly, executive general manager of Packaging at Opal, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership.

“Through our commitment to our Vision, Opal shapes the future through sustainable packaging. We have the advantage of being able to offer our customers integrated and innovative products.”

“We’re excited to include Great Wrap’s Certified Compostable Machine Pallet Wrap within Opal Packaging Plus’ extensive range of products,” Daly said.

According to the company, this partnership aligns with the Australian Government’s national packaging targets, which include ensuring that 100 per cent of packaging is reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025, and that 70 per cent of plastic packaging is recycled or composted by the same year.

Julia Kay, co-founder of Great Wrap, emphasised the importance of exploring alternative waste management options.

“Globally, people have been trying to recycle plastic packaging for 50 years, but only 9 per cent of our recycled materials go through the recycling system. This shows us the infrastructure isn’t perfect and emphasizes the need to diversify and explore more end-of-life options, such as commercial composting, so we aren’t reliant on one waste stream.”

In addition to targeting the Australian business landscape, Great Wrap said it is working to build a biorefinery to produce a marine-degradable material called PHA, aiming to further revolutionize the packaging industry.

Later this year, the company revealed its plans to supply its compostable hand pallet wrap for exclusive distribution through Opal Packaging Plus.