Grill’d, Sea Forest join forces to launch sustainable beef burger

Image credit: Grill'd

Australian burger chain Grill’d has unveiled its collaboration with biotechnology company Sea Forest in an effort to roll out what it claims is a “world-first sustainable,” grass-fed beef burger made from black Angus cattle that produce less methane emissions.

In partnership with Sea Forest and validated by the University of New England NSW, Grill’d said it was able to develop a way to feed its grass-fed cows a native Tasmanian seaweed that reduces their methane emissions by up to 67 per cent.

According to Grill’d, ongoing live trials on its farm aim to reduce methane emissions by 90 per cent, which would surpass the federal government’s 2030 emission reduction goal of 30 per cent.

From now, 61 restaurants across Australia will offer a ‘Gamechanger’ beef as an upgrade in any Grill’d beef burger for an added $1, said Grill’d founder Simon Crowe. 

“This is the future of beef – and we won’t stop at 61 restaurants,” Crowe noted.

“But for now, and for only an extra buck, guests can help the planet by choosing a low methane product, simply by upgrading their favourite beef burger,” the burger chain founder added. 

Meanwhile, in a bid to encourage renewable energy regeneration in the preparation of their burgers, Grill’d said that its burger patty production facility and its 61 restaurants acquire 100 per cent Green Power.