Intemp delivers advanced test room system for VAILO’s LED sports lighting

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Advanced technology firm VAILO has partnered with Intemp, an Australian design and manufacturing company specialising in automated test equipment (ATE), to ensure quality control for its locally manufactured LED sports lighting products.

In a media release, Intemp said the collaboration resulted in the development and commissioning of a cutting-edge test room control system tailored specifically for VAILO’s products.

The test system, crafted by Intemp, boasts a wide range of features such as custom-made measurement and control hardware, coupled with advanced data logging and fault detection capabilities, form the backbone of this state-of-the-art facility.

Furthermore, the system integrates bar code device identification and test room safety control mechanisms to streamline the testing process.

Notably, the heart of the system lies in its custom software application, which orchestrates simultaneous control of test sequences and verification for up to 30 devices.

This ensures efficient and accurate testing, allowing VAILO to uphold its commitment to delivering superior products to its customers.

Sam Vial, chief commercial officer at VAILO, underscored the important role of the test room in maintaining the company’s stringent quality standards.

“We prioritise quality control by rigorously testing each luminaire before it reaches our customers,” Vial remarked.

He added, “The state-of-the-art test room, designed by Intemp, plays a vital role in maintaining our high-quality standards.”

The versatility of the system is further highlighted by its capability to apply configurable test sequences and verify 210 channels of electrical and temperature information against pre-set thresholds.

Moreover, it possesses the intelligence to autonomously decide whether certain fault scenarios warrant halting testing on a particular device or allowing it to proceed.

Operators benefit from a user-friendly interface provided by the main test control application, allowing them to monitor testing status, pause and resume tests at will, and concurrently run separate test programs on different product batches.

With the capacity to operate up to 45kW of lighting, the test room exemplifies scalability and efficiency in production testing.