Jobs boost for Victoria’s retail automotive industry


This year’s Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) Apprentice and Trainee Graduation and Awards ceremony, held at the Crown Palladium, saw 106 newly qualified tradespeople, 27 schools based trainees and apprentices and 27 business certificate and diploma level students receive their graduation certificates.

Image credit: flickr User: Shell Eco-marathon
Image credit: flickr User: Shell Eco-marathon

Attended by over 400 guests, VACC’s Apprentice and Trainee Graduation and Awards ceremony showcased not only the talent in the industry, but also the fact that the retail automotive industry continues to grow, despite the recent announcements of closures by automotive manufacturers and parts manufacturers.

“Many congratulations to all the graduates. Apprentices and trainees have worked very hard on their studies at TAFE and confirmed their abilities in the workplace. The business graduates have also demonstrated they can balance work with study, which can be a challenge at the best of times. They should be proud of their achievements as should their family, host-employer and industry representatives,” VACC General Manager, Employment and Training, Leyla Yilmaz, said.

“The graduation ceremony was a wonderful example of how cooperation and collaboration between industry, talented apprentices and trainees and valued training organisations can produce the quality graduate that industry respects and expects, which in turn benefits the community and our economy.”

According to the media release issued on Medianet, VACC’s Executive Director David Purchase urged the Victorian Government to ensure apprentices were protected from poor training providers. He said it was high time the Government intervened to ensure that Registered Training Organisations deliver a quality training service.

“Training providers who seek to cut quality in service delivery, who do not genuinely engage with industry, and who seek short term monetary gains over the longer term training needs of young people and their future employers, will surely lose the support of the industry and VACC,” Mr Purchase said.

“Last year, jobs in the repair, service and retail sector of the automotive industry increased by 4,000, however, the sector continues to experience skill shortages. The Graduation Ceremony is a step towards filling that industry skills gap and each of you are personally aspiring to learn. We are proud of you,” Mr Purchase told the graduates.