Jump Charging to deploy Tritium’s EV chargers across New Zealand

Image credit: tritiumcharging.com

Tritium, Brisbane-based electric vehicle fast chargers, has ventured into a strategic partnership with Jump Charging, a green energy charging and fuel infrastructure business, to expand New Zealand’s access to fast charging infrastructure. 

New Zealand is currently seeing a rapidly growing adoption of EVs nationwide as the country is well on its way towards achieving its 2050 net-zero emissions reduction goals. 

According to Tritium, approximately 20 per cent of the 100,000 light vehicles sold in 2022 in New Zealand were electric. 

However, as of December 2022, only about 350 public charging stations have been placed across the country, which means there is approximately one charging station for every 200 EVS registered in New Zealand. 

Jum Charging will serve as Tritium’s distributor and service partner for New Zealand in a bid to further expand access to publicly available charging in the country and accelerate the decarbonisation of the transport sector. 

Tritium CEO Jane Hunter said the installation and maintenance of infrastructure for EV charging are among the crucial steps to help New Zealand reach its 2050 net-zero emissions reduction goals, which were announced in 2022 as part of the country’s Emissions Reduction Plan. 

“By providing cutting-edge charging technology as well as maintenance, training, and support for our partners, we are committed to building a comprehensive and reliable EV charging ecosystem that will help New Zealand reach its net-zero emissions reduction goals,” Hunter said. 

The New Zealand government seeks to expand its initial vision for nationwide coverage of DC fast chargers every 75 kilometres along state highways. 

Jump Charging said it plans to deploy an initial 20 fast charging hubs at key locations, followed by the rapid deployment of further sites nationwide. 

“At Jump Charging, our goal is to move New Zealand away from fossil fuels, so choosing a proven EV fast charging partner we could rely on was crucial,” said Alex Watson, director of Jump Charging. 

“We are proud to partner with Tritium, as we know that their DC fast chargers are world-leading in both quality and reliability. In addition, their training program has provided our team with exceptional knowledge to confidently manage and service our customers,” Watson added.