LaserBond announces $1m technology sale agreement with Curtin University


Specialist surface engineering company LaserBond has announced an ongoing collaboration and a $0.96 million sales agreement with Curtin University for the design, construction and supply of a LaserBond Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) system.

LaserBond said the system will enable Curtin to provide research, training, demonstration and delivery of complex 3D metal printing, laser additive manufacturing, laser cladding, laser welding, and laser heat treating with associated materials development.

CEO Wayne Hooper said that in addition to paving the way for consumables sales in the future, the ongoing collaboration with Curtin University will assist LaserBond in research and development of materials and applications as well as provide a demonstration facility for its technology to potential Western Australian industry partners.

“Curtin is the largest university in WA with a strong focus on industry collaboration and partnerships, especially with the energy and resource sectors,” Mr Hooper said.

“It is an ideal partner for LaserBond to strengthen its research and development of applications and materials for these sectors, as well as providing a showcase for our technology in the resource rich state of Western Australia.”

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