Lockheed Martin intensifies global supply chain with Ronson Gears agreement

Christopher Hess - Lockheed Martin Australia’s Head of Industrial Development, Warren McDonald - Lockheed Martin Australia’s Chief Executive, Gavin New - Ronson Gears’ Managing Director, and David Ball - Lockheed Martin Australia’s Regional Director for Space. Image supplied.

Lockheed Martin has expanded its footprint in Australia by signing a long-term agreement with Melbourne-based Ronson Gears under its Global Supply Chain (GSC) Program.

The partnership will see Lockheed Martin Australia continue to increase its role in supplying multiple gear and gear sectors across various space initiatives to enhance lead times while decreasing administrative burdens. 

The local gear manufacturer is the first company to supply gear components that will be carried into space after it secured its first GSC agreement with Lockheed Martin in 2019, according to a news release. 

Since then, it has received 14 GSC export contracts from Lockheed Martin, under which it will supply gear components for both commercial satellites and military platforms.

Warren McDonald, CEO of Lockheed Martin Australia, congratulated Ronson Gears on securing the worldwide Long-Term Agreement.

“Ronson Gears is an example of the outstanding Australian Industrial Capability available to our nation and the global space industry,” he said.

“It has been a privilege to support the development and transformation of this business, and we look forward to partnering with them well into the future,” the CEO added.

Christopher Hess, head of industrial development at Lockheed Martin Australia, stated that Ronson Gears impressed him and that he was excited to continue working with the company through the GSC Program.

“The global strategic environment is constantly evolving, and Lockheed Martin Space is committed to working with industry to deliver a world-leading space capability,” he said.

Hess also noted that Ronson Gears has proved its commitment to investing in the people, technology, and competencies required to compete internationally since the start of the companies’ relationship in 2019.

Meanwhile, Gavin New, managing director of Ronson Gears, expressed his appreciation for the assistance Lockheed Martin has provided thus far and the confidence exhibited in them in providing the Long-Term Agreement.

“Through our work under the GSC program, we have been provided access to global networks and the ability to contribute to space programs that will shape international defence capabilities,” New stated.