SYSPRO provides manufacturers with deeper supply chain connectivity in new release

Image credit: SYSPRO

Global ERP software provider SYSPRO announced new capabilities in its most recent ERP version, along with enriched functionality for improved internal and organisational controls, a connected supply chain, deeper business intelligence and digital dexterity. 

In a press release, the company said one of the standout features of the new offering is SYSPRO Embedded Analytics, which integrates intelligence and data capabilities directly within the ERP system.

The company added that the Dimension Analysis feature of SYSPRO extends the product’s financial reporting capability by providing a multi-dimensional, detailed view of an organisation’s financial data allowing users to slice and dice that data with minimal effort.

In terms of supply chain visibility, another feature added to the SYSPRO ERP system is the Sales Price Hierarchy solution, which the company says extends the price lists and price groups capability, enabling agility in determining price structure, prioritisation, and ease of preparing prices.

The ERP software provider noted that manufacturers and distributors could improve their digital dexterity with the new Application Designer capability as SYSPRO evolves into a Digital Business Platform.

SYSPRO emphasised that “manufacturers and distributors are under pressure to remain competitive and improve internal efficiencies” all while lowering expenses and having quick access to the global delivery of their products.

In turn, the company revealed its Kanban Automated Replenishment which allows SYSPRO clients to handle bin replenishment on a pull system.

Paulo de Matos, chief product officer of SYSPRO, emphasised the growing importance of organisational effectiveness and visibility as the current economic downturn put manufacturers’ and distributors’ resilience to the test.

“There is a growing need for visibility and organisational efficiency, which requires businesses to shift away from manual systems and instead leverage meaningful data intelligence,” said Matos.

“The capabilities of the latest release of SYSPRO ERP Software enable our customers to improve overall control of their business’s value chain,” he concluded.