Marand secures new manufacturing contract with Kongsberg Defence

Image credit: Marand

Defence manufacturing company Marand has secured an additional contract with Kongsberg Defence Australia to manufacture structural Launcher Frames and Rails for the Kongsberg Naval Strike Missile (NSM) Launcher Canisters as part of Project 1300. 

The latest contract follows a previous project Marand announced in February to manufacture NSM Launcher Ramp Systems. 

The launcher frames and rails are key components for the NSM Launcher Missile Module, which constitutes the All Up Round, Marand said in a media release

The NSM is a fifth-generation long-range precision strike weapon designed to deliver an advanced maritime strike capability to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). 

The Australian government selected NSM to replace the Harpoon Anti-Ship Missile capability on the RAN’s ANZAC Class Frigates and HOBART Class Destroyers. 

“Marand is a very capable Australian manufacturer and we see them as an important local partner on this project where KONGSBERG is maximising local manufacturing content within an accelerated delivery schedule,”  said John Fry, general manager for Kongsberg Defence Australia. 

“These launcher components are significant elements of the Naval Strike Missile and the local production of these systems demonstrate our commitment to furthering Australian manufacturing in support of the Sovereign Guided Weapon Explosive Ordnance (GWEO) Enterprise,” Fry said. 

Work on the Launch Ramp Systems has already begun, according to Marand, while production of the Launcher Frame and Rails is slated to begin immediately. 

“We are very pleased to be awarded this contract. As well as the Project Management, procurement and assembly processes at Marand we have leveraged the broader group to bring best-of-breed in detail component machining and surface treatment processes,” said Rohan Stocker, CEO of Marand

“We have the capabilities and capacity required for GWEO, where size and production rate are key drivers, so we are pleased that has been recognised. Finally, we have appreciated the technical rigour from KONGSBERG in Norway and Australia, and the excellent teamwork we have seen,” Stocker said.