MOTUM launches new Australian-developed driver safety software

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The launch of MOTUM World is set to revolutionise Australian driver training with its comprehensive simulation software, designed to accommodate a variety of driving scenarios and prioritise local conditions and road rules.

Created by MOTUM Simulation, leaders in immersive motion simulation, MOTUM World offers customisable training scenarios tailored to local conditions and road rules, the company said in a media release.

In particular, MOTUM World’s platform is designed for a variety of driving scenarios, including learner drivers, emergency services, port services, and the mining industry.

Its adaptability allows for the creation of bespoke environments that mimic virtually any road surface or terrain, from CBDs and suburban roads to freeways and rural areas.

Additionally, specialised spaces such as ports can be developed for training specific to stevedores and other occupations.

The software incorporates various scenarios aligned with physical training and real-world events, offering trainers a range of metrics to track performance.

These metrics include speed, throttle control, steering precision, braking technique, proximity to other vehicles, and road rule adherence.

Trainers can customise scenarios to test drivers’ responsiveness, awareness, and defensive skills under diverse conditions.

Steve Hoinville, managing director of MOTUM Simulation, highlighted the unique capabilities of MOTUM World stating, “We completed a worldwide search looking for software titles – we tried a number of them, and none had the fidelity, adaptability, flexibility and scalability that could match the quality of our hardware offering.”

Hoinville continued, “We are incredibly proud of our initial release, which has been with select partners for 18 months now, including Qube Ports, Alkane Resources, and emergency service providers, while we are now poised to launch into the broader driver education space, including Pre-L, L to P and other learner programs, such as with the elderly or recovering drivers.”

MOTUM World is available as a standalone software package or in combination with a MOTUM Simulator.

The simulator has been developed for numerous applications, including passenger vehicle training, motorsport, heavy vehicle training, and helicopters.

It is fully adjustable to replicate the environment behind the wheel of modern passenger vehicles, featuring road car controls such as auto or manual gear shifts, handbrakes, indicators, headlights, and windows.

The software can be operated with a VR headset, on a screen, or a combination of both, providing flexibility to suit various training needs and preferences.