Nano Dimension’s additive manufacturing group broadens its Fabrica micro-AM product range

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Nano Dimension has expanded its Micro-Additive Manufacturing (Micro-AM) product line by introducing an extended range of Fabrica Micro-AM solutions, including the Tera 25, Giga 250, and Giga 25 systems, in addition to the existing Tera 250 Micro-AM solution.

Nano Dimension’s Micro-AM technology, already exemplified by the Tera 250 system, allows for the creation of intricate structures and components at a micron scale, the company said in a media release.

This innovation offers design freedom and complexity, reducing material waste and assembly needs while improving overall efficiency.

Industries such as electronics, medical devices, aerospace, and automotive are adopting Micro-AM for its role in driving innovation, cost-effectiveness, and competitiveness.

Ziki Peled, president of EMEA at Nano Dimension, highlighted the value of Micro-AM for various industries.

“Our suite of alternative micro AM solutions now allows us to meet the full range of strategic and application-specific customer requirements.” he noted.

The newly introduced systems, the Tera 25 and Giga 25, are smaller and aimed at prototyping, while the Tera 250 and Giga 250 systems target higher volume production.

Both the Tera and Giga machines offer micron-level resolution, which is highly valued in the OEM, micro-manufacturing, and research and development sectors.

Peled explained the benefits of the Giga series, stating, “Micro-AM enables the direct creation of intricate and complex geometries without the constraints of subtractive manufacturing processes.”

He emphasised how this expedites the design iteration process and produces prototypes that accurately mimic the final product’s intended form and function.

Industries adopting Micro-AM can accelerate innovation, reduce development lead times, and achieve a higher level of confidence in their prototypes’ functionality and performance.

The optical resolution, tolerance accuracy, and surface roughness capabilities of these machines cater to diverse customer prototyping and production requirements.

Peled said the company aims to democratise the use of Micro-AM across industry sectors and application areas, enhancing product performance and unlocking new realms of innovation.

“The range of build volumes, optical resolution, tolerance, and surface roughness capabilities we offer through the Giga and Tera machines caters for a full range of customer prototyping and production requirements,” the Nano Dimension official stated.