New alliance helps small-to-medium businesses take climate action

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Media Release by Industry Capability Network

Industry Capability Network has joined forces with climate-tech company ClimateClever to help thousands of SMEs access cost-effective ways to measure and reduce their emissions and help Australia respond to climate change.

SMEs will get access to the ClimateClever platform, which enables them to accurately measure their carbon footprint throughout the year, identify strategies to reduce, as well as offset their emissions to become carbon neutral.

Addressing climate change is more important now than ever before. While action is needed at all levels, SMEs are going to play a critical role in ensuring that meet our new national and global Net-Zero climate targets.

To remain competitive in a changing marketplace driven by climate targets, businesses of all sizes are recognising the importance of taking climate action, but many are confused about how to start.

This unique partnership and program will provide educational opportunities for SMEs, including tailored webinars, to increase their knowledge around climate action and help guide them on their carbon reduction journey.

As a government-funded industry network, providing business with fair and reasonable access to opportunities, ICN is uniquely positioned to drive adoption of climate change solutions and report on its impact from national businesses down to the local contractor.

“We’re excited about the acceleration that ICN and its network of suppliers can bring to our commitment to achieving Net-Zero. It will be the engine to power the change needed,” ICN Limited CEO Warren Jansen said.

ClimateClever is a small, 100% Australian-owned climate-tech company that helps SMEs to get started on their climate journey. Its mission is to drive meaningful and measurable impact on climate change by making climate action affordable and accessible for everyone. As Climate Active Registered Consultants, ClimateClever is uniquely positioned to support small businesses to innovate and adopt smarter practices and technologies to reduce emissions and save money.

“This partnership with ICN is an incredibly exciting opportunity to decarbonise our cities and built environment and see significant change happen at scale,” Founder and CEO of ClimateClever Dr Vanessa Rauland said. “Through our ClimateClever platform, we are enabling smaller companies to step up and become climate leaders.”