New artificial intelligence expert group formed to guide safe AI dev’t

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Minister for Industry and Science Ed Husic announced the formation of a new Artificial Intelligence Expert Group in response to the government’s interim feedback regarding Safe and Responsible AI in Australia consultation.

Tasked with advising the Department of Industry, Science, and Resources, the group’s focus encompasses transparency, testing, and accountability in AI systems, particularly exploring options for implementing AI guardrails in high-risk environments to ensure their safety.

The Expert Group has already commenced its activities, convening for the first time on 2 February 2024, the government said in a media release.

Comprising twelve distinguished appointees, the Expert Group includes notable figures such as Professor Bronwyn Fox, CSIRO chief scientist, representing Australia on the international Frontier AI State of the Science report panel.

Aurélie Jacquet, chair of Australia’s national AI standards committee, brings extensive experience in the development of responsible AI systems and serves as an advisor on international AI certification initiatives.

Dr Terri Janke, an internationally renowned authority on Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP), contributes valuable insights to the group.

Additionally, Angus Lang SC, a leading legal practitioner, offers expertise in intellectual property law and AI, with a focus on developments in Australia and Europe.

Other members bring diverse backgrounds and expertise, ranging from legal and regulatory reform processes to human-computer interaction and indigenous cultural and intellectual property rights.

The Expert Group’s tenure extends until 30 June 2024, with ongoing discussions regarding longer-term arrangements as part of the government’s efforts to implement the interim response to the safe and responsible AI consultation.

For further details on the Australian Government’s interim response, click here.