New energy supply contract to deliver big solar farm and a big battery in SA


The South Australian Government has signed a new energy supply contract with ZEN Energy that will create 800 construction jobs and make electricity cleaner, cheaper, and more secure.

The 10-year agreement, which commences on the 1st of November, secures the construction of a 280 MW solar farm at Cultana near Whyalla and 100 MW battery near Port Augusta – both to be delivered in partnership with SIMEC Energy Australia.

Energy Minister Dan van Holst Pellekaan said these new assets will deliver emissions reductions and price reductions, saving around $12.8 million for taxpayers compared to the previous power arrangements.

“We’re committed to building what matters, using our budget to drive jobs and growth to recover from COVID-19,” Mr van Holst Pellekaan continued.

“We’re thrilled that 810 new jobs will be created to build the Cultana Solar Farm and Playford Battery which will power the South Australian government.”

ZEN Energy Director Ross Garnaut said the new contract will allow the company to grow its business customer base, enter the residential, retail market and improve both the security and reliability of the grid with the state’s 5th grid-scale battery.

“ZEN Energy is pleased to be able to continue to build a long term relationship with the SA Government to supply its electricity needs across all government sites,” Mr Garnaut added.

“This recognises ZEN Energy’s high-quality customer service approach and innovative energy solutions.”

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