New research confirms safety of SilkSurface’s product as alternative to engineered stone

Image credit: University of Adelaide

Australian benchtop manufacturer SilkSurface has announced that researchers from the University of Adelaide confirmed that its new product is a true and silica-free alternative to engineered stone

The company kickstarted the search for alternative quality kitchen stone benchtops as the future of engineered stone became unclear. 

“Today we can confirm that this product has been proven 100 per cent silica-free through independent testing undertaken by the University of Adelaide’s School of Public Health,” said Ben Scott, managing director of SilkSurface.

“For some time, we have been developing a product to provide customers with an alternative to engineered stone prior to the Government’s discussion around its future in homes and offices.”

Scott said the research initiative is a testament to the industry’s efforts to respond innovatively to government regulation and the public’s demand for a quality product that is affordable, looks good, and can be manufactured in a way that is safe for workers. 

“Our product, SilkSurface offers the same look and feel of engineered stone with great durability, improved stain resistance and excellent heat resistant qualities,” the company’s managing director added. 

“SilkSurface is easily installed as it is compatible with the current machinery used by cabinet makers and stone masons.” 

By perfecting a manufacturing technique, the company said its product recreates the look and feel of natural stone using safe materials. 

The product uses a blend of bauxite (aluminium hydroxide) and a polyester binder and is formed under 400 tonnes of pressure before being diamond-polished to create a hard and durable surface. It can be cut, sanded, and polished like timber, according to the company.  

“SilkSurface is easily installed as it is compatible with the current machinery used by cabinet makers and stone masons,” Scott added. 

The product is expected to hit the shelves in early 2024.